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Welcome to Cuckoo clock professional shop in Tokyo.


We are shipping to all Asian countries from Tokyo Japan.

German & Switzerland Cuckoo clock with Japanese quality check Guarantee!


Thank you for your visiting at MORINOTOKEI WEBSITE

Here is some question you may want to ask.

If you have any question please contact us from inquiry form.

Some questions we may need little longer time to reply,


We take extra care for the shipping to oversea destinations.

We wrap around clock with the air cushions inside the box to avoid any damage during the transport.
We also wrap the box from outside to make a even stronger package.
These clocks arrives from Germany and it already in the good thick carton boxes.
With our shipping method you will feel no worries.
(EMS-international post service has a insurance for the amount value)


We check every clock at least 24hours before shipment to make sure your clock are working perfectly fine.
As you know cuckoo clocks are made by hand, some parts may not match our quality standard.
We have every wooden parts of clock models and we have a skill to replaces it to good parts.
I hope you will feel happy to have one of our quality checked cuckoo clocks.


We accept only credit card payment.
You can pay with SQUARE INVOICE (via Email) online.
After your order, we check the availabilities and shipping date.
Together with that, we also send you a SQUARE INVOICE to your email address, then you can process your payment.
We can ship immediately after your payment is done on the scheduled shipping date.


You can return your clock within 3 days after delivery at any reason.
You need to afford the return cost to our destination, after we receive the clock, we will reduce the transaction fee of 3.75% (SQUARE payment system) from your paid amount and will be returned to your credit card within 10 days after arrival of the clock.
IF clock has some damage during the return shipment, the cost of repair may be reduced from your payment, then return to your credit card.

Please send me if you have any questions from INQUIRY FORM